Sad News

I just learned that John Paul Allen’s wife, Pam, died suddenly yesterday. I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting John once so far, and never met Pam, but like many regulars at the Shocklines Message Board, I felt like I knew her through his posts. I cannot begin to imagine the emotional devastation he must be feeling right now.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. His publisher is accepting cards and letters, should you care to send anything.

John Paul Allen 
Biting Dog Press
2150 Northmont Pkwy
Suite H
Duluth, Georgia

Enjoy life. You never know when yours or the lives of those around you may be snatched away.

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  1. Yeah, this is rough. J.P. and I used to e-mail each other late at night a couple of years ago, after I told him how much I liked GIFTED TRUST. Horrible, horrible news.

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