Run with the herd or fall to the wolves

Woke up with a headache. Grew increasingly pissed and depressed each time I smashed the snooze button. Kept thinking of a certain event at work I was told to get the media to attend. It’s a business school event. The business school has two people handling PR. But they can’t seem to handle it. One thought kept rising to my mind: Run with the herd or fall to the wolves.

Last week I e-mailed the business school and told their PR people I needed them to handle this event. The woman who is in charge of PR wrote back and said if I’d write the media alert, they’d handle it from there. Fuck it. Nope. As I explained in the e-mail, if you want the media to attend what is really a non-event, you have to send them personalized requests explaining why attending would be beneficial to their readers/viewers/listeners. So, you see, writing the media alert is the hard part.

The PR/marketing person in the music school was out of town and thus didn’t answer my questions about a music school event that needs attention until today. Why should she tell me when she’s gone? Why should she care if the music school gets no publicity? Her job is safe. She got her part-time contract job, funded by a grant, because the music school wanted to hire her husband as the resident composer.

Then there’s sports. At least I know the sports information director is covering all the games and writing releases about those. It still gripes me that he’s not even asked to do publicity for the regatta, but at least I know he is doing something.

Only the law school PR person actually handles all her school’s needs. Bless her competent vegetarian heart.

Of course I’ll do what I’m told while I’m here. I can’t afford to get fired without a job lined up. But whenever possible I’m telling the other PR people to Run with the herd or fall to the wolves.

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