“Reunion” news

Blackridge Entertainment has asked me to take a stab at writing the screenplay adaptation of my short story “Reunion” for the horror anthology film they’re doing. Seems a couple other authors have tried and not quite delivered what BE is wanting. The challenge, I’m told, is to produce a script with a defined beginning, middle and end. If you’ve read “Reunion” you know that it is basically one long sequence. I have an idea to accomplish this. Now I need that thing called Time.

BE also tells me they’ve found a town to serve as Windy Acres, Oklahoma, and a church for the main setting. Seeing Windy Acres come to life will really be sweet. Most of you who know anything about Windy Acres only know it from a few short stories, but the second novel I wrote is set there, so it’s actually got a lot of history with me.

Not much else to report. I spent most of the day working for Write Communications. This is one of the more difficult assignments I’ve tackled for them. Another couple of hours, though, and I think I’ll have a decent complete first draft of the newsletter for them.

Had lunch with the writers’ group today. Gayleen was sick and couldn’t go, but fortunately Bedlam Barbecue provides rolls of paper towels on every table, so us three guys weren’t lacking for napkins, despite Gayleen’s absence.

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    • It wouldn’t be so bad if the napkins weren’t so … sanitary.
      Nah, it just shows how three educated guys generally can’t remember that they may need napkins when they’re eating barbecue and have to rely on the one woman of the group to take care of them.

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