Repent, o ye sinner

Dear Lord,

I don’t know what I did wrong. Well, okay, I have a pretty good idea about some of it. But I don’t really think I did anything bad enough to merit today’s punishment. Yes, I’ve complained about my kids a bit here. Yes, I see your holy point in showing me it really wasn’t so bad before. But please, I beg of you, don’t make my home a meeting place for all the neighbor kids ever again. Job had it better. Tomorrow, let them congregate at John’s house.

Your number one fan,

Okay, maybe it hasn’t been that bad. But wow. This morning and early afternoon were incredibly stressful. A neighbor girl spent the night with Sara. When I got home from my job interview, her little brother was here. Sheesh. I thought Alex and Sara fought. The little booger had his sister’s face bleeding. Then they both called their mom at work and I heard him telling … well … let’s say it was his version of what really happened and it didn’t quite match what everyone else saw. Finally, I loaded seven kids into the mini van and dumped five of them at the local pool. Now it’s just me and my littlest ones, and they’re watching that silly Garfield movie again.

Oh, and the dog was bleeding all over the floor just before we were ready to leave for the pool. I don’t know what happened to her. Looks like she was laying on her bag and rolling/scratching/rubbing the ground and opened an older scab from flea bites. (We haven’t been able to kill the fleas this year. It’s awful.) Anyway, she’s better and I think I got all the blood off the carpet.

Job interview went well, I think. I just gotta make a tough decision. The deciding factor likely will be having to pay for daycare for the little ones for at least part of the afternoon. Daycare would likely cost double the offered hourly pay, thus sucking up most of the profit I would make working in the morning, when I wouldn’t need daycare. But, oh, it would get me out of the house …

Oh, Axia College finally called me last night for our delayed phone interview. Waste of time. They arranged the interview, then when she called she said she’d just looked at my resume “again” and realized I haven’t had my master’s degree for at least two years, which is required to teach classes with them. Grrrr.

A friend from OCU sent me this link to a piece in The Gayly Oklahoman, a paper for the local gay community. It’s about my former boss and is a nice piece. I laugh every time I see the name of that paper. It’s a pun on what used to be called The Daily Oklahoman, our very conservative newspaper. I wonder if the gay paper’s name is part of the reason the state newspaper is now simply The Oklahoman.

I gots something else to discuss, and I’d like your feedback, but I’m going to put it in a new post.

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  1. The kids I can’t help you with but I might be able to help you fix your flea problem.
    Advantage first of all for the doggie. Every month. Then go for your floors – sweep them first (because this actually stimulates the eggs to hatch) then vacuum and throw the bag away – not in the trash can in your home – but outside. Do this every two to three days for two weeks. Fleas will be gone. Make sure if your dog uses a pet bed that you wash that every couple of days as well in hot water and dry it in the dryer.
    I just battled a huge flea problem here – I resorted to using Sevin dust on the carpets but I don’t have kids to worry about either. The above works well if you have a small problem.

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