Random weekend stuff

The little kids just came in. They went to the front yard … and got into the van and closed the door. Scary stuff! It’s about 100 degrees F here today. No harm done, just two red-faced sweaty kids. And now the van is locked again.

Call to the Hunt is at No. 7 on Shocklines best-seller list this week. Woohoo! Thanks to everyone who purchased a copy so far.

Somebody on the Shocklines board pointed out this blog the other day and I’ve been laughing at it every since. If you’re not a zombie fan, you probably won’t care for it.

More work on BB yesterday. I added two short chapters, breaking up the chapters that make up a pivotal event (she realizes she luvs her Viking captor). Gayleen and Paul are in for a big ol’ stack of pages to read when next we meet.

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  1. Yes, very scary…
    Good for you! That made me smile.
    Brains? Ha, ha. Where’s your friend Steve Vernon?
    Looks like you’re going full steam with BB. Aaww, she lubs him?

  2. Thanks for the link! Although I think you’re off-base in suggesting that non-zombie lovers won’t enjoy it. I mean, it’s all about the acquisition and consumption of human brains, and aren’t those of universal interest?

    • Ya know, some people actually don’t think about brains — or zombies, even — until they find themselves in the cold embrace of somebody like you. Don’t let it hurt your feelings, though. It just means they won’t know what you’re after until it’s too late.

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