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Had a job interview this morning. How’d it go? I dunno. But it was a nice visit with old friends. I interviewed for a similar job with this organization a few months back and it came down to me and one other person. Obviously, the other guy got the job. Maybe this time will be my turn.

In other job news, I learned today that I passed my English test, so I can add that field to my teaching license, giving me a legitimate shot at finding a teaching job.

Speaking of which, I talked to a director at Moore Norman Technology Center’s new campus in OKC about teaching there. He’s quite interested and I’m writing up some class proposals. I’ll defintiely propose the horror writing class again. He told me to propose as many as I want to teach. It’s a nice hourly pay, too. Even higher than it was when I taught a couple of years back.

While I was at ConDFW last weekend I met up with some of the FenCon organizers and they invited me to be a guest at their con again this year. Last year was fun, so of course I agreed. Speaking of cons, I booked a room at the HorrorFind hotel. Now to come up with the money to get there …

Nick Cook has wrapped up his interview with me for Meat Grinder Press. He did a good job and I look forward to seeing it in print.

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