Random shots

So much for daily updates to this blog. Oh well. It’s not like I’ve had any real news to post, anyway.

I have two pieces of news … but I can’t tell you about them yet. One’s a sure thing, the other is just a glimmer of something potentially really big. I’ll tell you when I can.

I can tell you I’ve accepted an invitation to be a guest author at Conestoga 10 in Tulsa this July. That’ll be fun, and a chance to hang around with a bunch of other writers.

I got a call last night from a reading teacher at Alex’s junior high. Her 7th grade class has written and published a book (no, I don’t want to hear professional definitions of publication; I don’t know who or how they published it). They’re having a launch party next Thursday evening and the teacher wanted a “real” author to come talk to the kids and any parents who show up. Hopefully I can do this without waxing bitter about scams like Publish America, failures like 3F Publications, and poor communication and long delays like Scrybe Press. She only wants me to talk for five minutes, so I plan to focus on why I write, when I first started and remind the buggers to pay attention to those grammar rules.

Progress on Ulrik has been derailed for the past week. I had a newspaper article to write and edits and rewrites to do on my contract work for Write Communications. The Write Comm work demanded almost immediate turnaround, so it had to come first. Oh yeah. It also pays more than any other job I have, so it would have gone to the top of the list, regardless. This afternoon, though, it’s back to work on the novel. A major, major event happens in the next chapter and I’m looking forward to writing it and the chapters immediately after.

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  1. cool dad
    good luck next thursday w/ alex’s class. i’m sure you’ll impressed them. not many people out there can and will do what they really are passionate about. oh, i never thank’d you for signing my book. so, THX!!

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