Random bits

“I have lots and lots of boyfriends I don’t like.” — My five-year-old daughter on the ride home from school today. Those huge blue eyes are going to leave many boys wishing.

“I talked to Vicki today and … there’s not going to be a job for you.” — OCU vice president of institutional advancement delivering news I’d already anticipated. Today is six months without full-time employment.

Job interview in three hours.

Many congratulations to Kim’s sister, Kris, who announced her engagement today. I’m very glad she’s marrying the guy she’s currently with and not one of the assorted bums she dated previously. Having been there the day she was born (and having changed many of her diapers), Kris is really as much my sister as she is Kim’s … or either of my sisters by blood. May you and Ty have many years of happiness together.

What else … ? Eh, nothing.

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  1. What a smart little girl you have. 🙂
    But, sorry pal, gotta give credit where credit is due. Kim did a very good job.
    Lots of luck with this interview.
    It’s nice to hear good news. Congrats to Kris.

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