Editing of Ulrik is progressing slowly. This is my first read-through of the entire novel and I’m finding a lot of things that need to be reworded to jive with what happens later in the book. Most editing is being done on my lunch breaks.

The new job is going okay. I’m actually hoping for more work soon. So far all I’ve done is write a couple of letters, read newspapers and copy articles dealing with transportation. I haven’t been assigned a division yet. Apparently I will be assigned a Crackberry so that I’ll always be on the leash. Oh, I did find out today the accursed necktie isn’t mandatory every day. But I need to have one handy for just in case.

This weekend I hope to do a major edit on my story “One Night in Benevolence.” I’ve found all the pieces I need to keep the title, I think.

Got a call yesterday from Moore Norman Technology Center about the classes I offered to teach this fall. Unfortunately I was unloading kids from the car and didn’t get the stuff written down. Basically, the first class is scheduled to start the first Tuesday of August. I think that was the Newspapers to Novels class. Newspaper Feature Writing will start the first Tuesday of September and Writing Horror the first Tuesday of October. When the schedule is available I’ll link to it.

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  1. Sounds like things are looking up Steve, glad to hear it! And judging from your avatar, I’m guessing they didn’t make you cut your hair? LOL!

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