Turned in my two OKC Business News stories today. One was about casino gambling coming to Remington Park horse racetrack. In doing research I came across the word “racino,” and it was actually used a lot. Who makes up that crap? No, don’t answer that. It’s exactly the kind of corporate buzzword I used to deal with a lot. Undoubtedly the word was thought up by a suit somewhere on the East Coast. Hmm … if we have casinos at a race track we could call it … a racino! Then he probably gave himself a $100k raise and a few thousand stock options.

Woo! Such bitterness. I sound like some kind of socialist. Hopefully my Republican brethren can forgive it. But if not, there’s always the Libertarians.

The newspaper stories were the only thing I wrote today. Other than a lot of e-mail, and I still need to do some more of that. No interviews this weekend, so I’ll go back to working on some fiction for a couple of days, anyway.

Gord Rollo sent me the Introduction to Shara today. I think he did a great job. I’m really happy with it. He makes some excellent points about the werewolf subgenre, then says some very nice things about my book.

So, I have a job interview on Tuesday morning. It’s a part-time job, doing PR. The lady in charge is somebody I know a little from interviewing her for the paper. I think she’s a little wary that I’ll ask for too much money. I’ll have to decide if the hourly pay is more than I’d get on unemployment, then decide if sticking it to OCU is worth jumping through the unemployment hoops. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m a vindictive fucker and if the money is the same I’ll turn the screws on that shit hole university.

Speaking of which, my last pay check from them went into the bank today. I’m officially in the ranks of the uninsured, as they didn’t take out for health insurance, which is completely stupid since employees pay in advance. Whatever. If there’s a way to screw a person, that place will be a master at it.

I went out and bought the Murderdolls greatest hits CD this evening. I can’t get enough of Wednesday 13 now. I haven’t been able to sit down and listen to all the new CD yet, but I like what I’ve heard. Could be my mood. Loud, hard music full of cussing seems appropriate. Ordinarily I’d prefer the Alice Cooper approach; he never once said the word “fuck” in the song “Cold Ethel.” Newer bands can’t seem to grasp there’s a more subtle way of saying what they want that would bring them a wider audience. Oh well.

I also bought the DVD of The Shining. I want to see if I can capture the scene where Jack tells Wendy that when she hears him typing, he is working and to leave him alone. I want to keep that on my computer and play it every time I get interrupted. Yeaaah. That’d be sweet. Until the first time Jacob repeated it.

I have children to bathe.

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  1. Of course, the 1970’s were a different time. Saying “fuck” or other profanities wasn’t very common on popular music releases in those days. It wasn’t so accepted. When it was done, it really stood out. There’s the live version of MC5’s “Kick Out The Jams” (containing the immortal shouted opener, “Kick out the jams, motherfuckers!”), and the Who’s “Who Are You?” (“Who the fuck are you!?”). But those exceptions were quite rare up until some point in the 80’s.
    With Wednesday 13, it’s almost an integral part of who he is. My buddy Kent just sent me a cd-r with a whole bunch of songs from Wednesday’s earlier band, the Frankenstein Drag Queens. Some of the songs on here were later retooled for the Murderdolls. The Murderdolls’ “Dead In Hollywood”, for instance, here is called “Hooray for Horrorwood”. And one of the songs, fittingly, is called “I Love To Say Fuck”.
    For Wednesday, I think, it just works. I think of a song from the Wednesday 13 album, “House By The Cemetery”, which contains the line “Ghouls and creeps fuckin’ gather round.” When Wednesday says “fuckin’” in that line, it has a punch to it that makes it feel almost necessary. And it probably wouldn’t work quite so well from anybody other than Wednesday.
    Anyway…there are my long-winded thoughts on that subject.

    • Good points, Bryan, and I agree. Certainly use of those words don’t detract from me liking the band. Or bands. Wednesday 13 and the Murderdolls are talented enough they can get away with it. But sometimes it seems bands rely on cussing a blue streak as kind of a crutch.
      But then, it’s a deeper issue, really. It’s all about the dumbing down of society.
      Am I coming across as a prude yet? hehe It isn’t that. Remember, the local paper recently said my work is too much like porn for them to review. I dunno, I think we’ve just lost some of the cleverness of early Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath et al with the common acceptance of baser language.
      Sometimes, though, I couldn’t agree more with Wednesday … “I Love to Say Fuck.” (By the way, I enjoy the Murderdolls CD I bought, but don’t like it as well as the new Wednesday 13.)

    • Re: Racino?
      Yeah, Mike Moron. He’s something special. He can’t hold a candle to Kelly Ogle and his “My Two Cents” piece, though. Lord, I’d give the man my jar of pennies to just go away.

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