Prostitution starts with PR

Back when I was a hardcore journalist I had the text of this subject line taped above my desk. If something smelled of PR, I didn’t want anything to do with it.

Then I realized you can’t feed a family on a journalist’s salary.

Today, I’m a good little whore. Here’s proof: In 2003 Oklahoma City University had 126 print media articles published in the state. In 2004 that number was up to 598; that doesn’t include sports stories, except for the Head of the Oklahoma Centennial Regatta. We had 31 listings in newspaper event calendars in 2003, but that was up to 249 in 2004. Tracking TV and radio mentions isn’t as easy, but we began contracting with a service that picks up our OKC metro television mentions in about August of last year. We only had six electronic media mentions recorded in 2003, but we have 70 on record for 2004. I started this job on June 22, 2003.

Anybody looking to offer a big salary to a former journalist turned PR whore?


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