Promos and Ego Stroking

I had the choice of making this one huge post, or breaking it up, so my Horrorfind rundown is going to be spread over three posts, covering three topics. Scroll down to read them all.


My daddy used to tell me that God knew how many hairs I had on my head.* That’s fine. Not to be blasphemous, but I was much more startled and thrilled to hear that Thomas Monteleone had actually heard of me … and heard good things. Even if he hasn’t read anything by me yet. Tom’s one of the most respected authors and editors in the horror genre, for anyone who doesn’t already know that. Mark Justice was first to tell me Tom had said something about me, so I had to visit the Borderlands Press table and introduce myself to the master. Tom’s a great guy and his readings are just amazing. If you ever get a chance to hear one, don’t miss it!


As I said in the first post, I didn’t sell any books at Horrorfind this year. But people were grabbing up the load of free stuff I took. Especially the CD samplers. Oh! Tom had actually picked up one of those himself and was asking me why I chose that format, what was on it, etc. It’s still a thrill to know he was interested enough to pick up one of those.


Nikki, aka Little Red Riding Hood, even took a moment to endorse The Werewolf Saga.


The Special Preview samples of Shara that Scrybe Press sent for Horrorfind also went very quickly, as did the print copies of the sample chapbook I made earlier this year. Lots and lots of bookmarks were picked up. Not sure how many bookmarks I put out, but it was probably close to 500. (Thanks Cheryl!) Now I’ll be tracking hits on my Web site for a while to see if all that free stuff did any good.


On Saturday one guy behind me on the escalator asked where I got my “The Bitch is Back” Shara promotional T-shirt. That was nice, considering I really suck at design.


The Corpse Blossoms promo cards also went pretty fast. I forgot to take a little notepad to my reading, so instead of a drawing for the three ARCs I hid cards under three chairs and gave the books to the people who found the cards.


Kenneth Ward, who discovered me thanks to Nikki posting one of my stories at Horrorfind’s Web site, gave me some amazing promos when Cat’s party moved to the lobby. John Skipp and F. Paul Wilson were, I believe, quite surprised by Ken’s enthusiasm for my work. Fortunately, Ken does not remember what he said to them. But it was damn nice.


At some point the mighty Brian Keene predicted that me and Marcy Italiano were about a year and a half away from making it big. He later told me I was doing everything right. Brother, I’m gonna work my ass off to make sure your powers of divination are as keen as your writing talent. Brian’s an amazing guy, as nice as he is talented. You must read his books.


I guess that about covers the business end of the con for me.


* Daddy didn’t tell me that God would someday move many of those hairs from my head to other parts of my body.

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