Productive holiday weekend

Proofread and mark up galleys for Darkscapes — Done.

Remove paranormal researcher’s name from Murdered by Human Wolves — Done.

Work on Ulrik — Done.

Avoid padded room following four more days with children — Done (though at times I’d rather have been locked away).

Countdown until school resumes — Five days!

The galleys for Darkscapes looked pretty good this time out. Hell, last time it was my misuse of lying/laying that was the biggest issue. That name was removed from MbHW, replaced with Vickey Washington, the name I used in the screenplay. I’m not sure how Scrybe Press will feel about it, but I also added two chapters (about 2,000 words) to the book. If we’re doing a new edition, why not give the folks more than just Kirk’s new cover, right? The new chapters, I think, will slow down the ending, which several readers say felt rushed. It also helps establish that Thomas McGrath isn’t such a bad guy, something that’s important later.

Speaking of Scrybe … no, I didn’t hear anything over the weekend. Yes, I’m disappointed.

I would have liked to have gotten more written on Ulrik, but the other stuff took too much time. Still, this word meter shows about 7,000 words more than the last one I posted.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
65,570 / 100,000

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  1. Jeez, man, good job!
    And I hear ya about the kids. I only have the one, but I’m glad he’s going back so he can work some of his energy out on someone else.
    (Did I tell you I received Murdered by Human Wolves? I did. I’ll be starting it next. Cover art looks really cool.)

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