President’s Snow Day

Un-freaking-believable! Schools all over the OKC metro are closed today because of the weather. How bad is it? Here’s a shot taken from my front window just moments ago:

Grass, street … all visible. I cannot believe school closed for that. Most likely all the districts had a snow day or two to use up and maybe I can see using one today rather than mess up the end of the year on the school calendar by letting out early. But, if I was working full-time, what would really piss me off is that so many of the day care centers are closed, too. For what you see in that picture! And the little bit that’s there came down on Saturday!

I’m off work today because the chamber is closed for President’s Day. Kim has to work. So I get a few extra hours this afternoon of hearing, “Daddy, I’m hungry” every 10 minutes. Plus the arguing that’ll go on between requests for permission to graze. arrgh

Good news and bad news on writing. I had an e-mail from Scrybe Press this morning saying that Shara should be done this week. Yes, unfortunately experience has taught me to be skeptical, but still … I’ll hope.

I made good progress in the first round of edits on Ulrik yesterday. I added 300 words. I also learned my printed manuscript had two versions of Chapter 10. My MS Word file only had one version, but it caused a bit of confusion, particularly since they were very close to the same except for the opening. How sad is that I have no memory of doing that?

I finished a magazine article late last night.

So, what’s the bad news? I sent several e-mails last night asking for status reports on projects (that’s how I got the Scrybe news). The e-mail to Blackridge Entertainment bounced. This is the Canadian production company working on the horror anthology film to include my shorty story “Reunion.” Their Web site is gone, too. I hadn’t heard back from my contact there since sending him my idea for the script, and that was a few months ago. Not sure what this means, but it doesn’t look good.

I also haven’t heard from Fine Tooth Press in quite a while, so I sent them an e-mail asking about Darkscapes. That book was due by the end of this month. So far, though, I haven’t seen any cover art, so I’m betting on a delay.

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  1. Blows down here at DFW as well. Friggin’ furnace is out in my travel trailer and it was in the twenties. TWENTIES! A boy from South East Texas should never be exposed to TWENTIES.

  2. It’s Ridiculous
    So I get up early this morning because last night the weathermen just wouldn’t quit harping about all the “freezing drizzle” or “ice fog” (yes, one of them called it Ice Fog), that was going to wreak havoc on the roads come morning.
    They go out to this field reporter who’s STANDING ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD while cars are zipping by behind him. He even says, “Y’know guys, it’s not really that bad out here right now.” To which, of course, the guy IN THE STUDIO adds, “It’s still quite treacherous out there, folks, so give yourselves plenty of time and space and watch those bridges and overpasses.” By the way, can we get rid of one of these, please? Just say “bridges” or “overpasses.” We’re smart enough to figure it out, and what the hell’s the difference, anyway?
    Anyway, so the guy in the studio goes on to say that it’s going to get up to 35 today (“that’s above freezing”, he reminds us), but be careful because the roads will refreeze overnight. Really? With what? More Ice Fog? There will be Black Ice on the roads tomorrow morning. I’ve heard that term my whole life and have yet to see this Black Ice. It’s the Black Hole of precipitation, I guess.
    But cheer up, Steve. Tornado season is right around the corner. Then we’ll get to hear about Gustnadoes and the like.

  3. Okay, my view was totally different and I live just north of Edmond– what’s that like forty minutes from you? It was so slippery here, cars kept sliding into the front yards. (Luckily we all have big front yards, eh?)
    But my kids were already out for President’s Day– they were so bummed they didn’t get out for a snow day. Out is out, I said. They didn’t agree.
    Rinda Elliott

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