Pre-Horrorfind thoughts

Okay, I’m a writer. I think there’s a dictionary definition that says something like Writer: Person who cannot get anything done until the deadline is at hand.

Last night I burned 50 giveaway CDs for Horrorfind. Then printed little inserts so people would know what the hell they were picking up. Then I assembled the few print samplers I still have (probably no more of those now that I don’t have access to a duplex printer). Went to the store to buy toothpaste, deodorant, etc., then realized later I’d already bought toothpaste and was supposed to buy a new hairbrush. You know, so I can brush my hair when I pull my head out of my ass. When I get off work today I might actually pack some clothes for the trip.

My wife never reads this, so it’s safe to say, I think. I did manage to go to a florist yesterday and order up a dozen roses that’ll be delivered to her tomorrow. The card says I’m thinking of her in Baltimore. As the date’s gotten closer she’s seemed more resentful that I’m going and she’s staying home. I’m also giving Alex $50 so he can take the family to Olive Garden. That’s perfect. I look like a nice guy, Alex gets to pay for a family meal at Kim’s favorite restaurant and I am not subjected to pasta. I hate pasta.

So, you read about the plane crashes in Greece and South America? I don’t like flying, either, and two fatal crashes within two weeks before I get on a plane isn’t comforting. I know, I know, think of all the ones that didn’t crash.

I got three ARCs of the Corpse Blossoms anthology yesterday. The winner of the last one at tomorrow evening’s reading may have to pry it from my hands.

There are so many fellow authors I’m looking forward to meeting in the flesh this weekend. In that regard, this year’s event will be much better than 2003 when I really didn’t know that many people. Kim was with me that time, though, so I always had somebody to talk to. Phoenix last year … well … there just weren’t many people there.

This weekend is going to be fun.

In other news, I’ve redesigned my ezboard community and am thinking of replacing the Forum link on my Web site with this one. However, I would want to pay to get rid of the ads on ezboard if I use it. The question is, would enough people bother posting to make it worth the expense? As you can see, not many people post in the current forum. Thoughts?

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    • Yeah, that’d be the easiest way, but the few people who do post to the forum I have never post to my LJ. Ah, the agony of a decision. It must be drowned somehow.

    • I found something, and I bought it for you. I looked for it last year, and could not find it anywhere – remember what it is? If not, I’ll see you tomorrow!! hehehehe….

      • Ah, little lizard, I’m so old I barely remember to change my britches after I piss in them. And now you have me very, very curious. I do remember a conversation in which you said you’d looked for something for me, but not what it was. Fortunately, there isn’t long to wait, eh?

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