Photo shoot today

This afternoon I’ll be visiting the offices of The Oklahoma Gazette, OKC’s weekly alternative newspaper, for a photo shoot to accompany the Halloween article they’re running on me and Craig Wolf. The photographer told me they want “a nice portrait that looks a little spooky.” That made me think of a Stephen King interview from some time back where he complained about photographers always wanting to light him from underneath to get that spooky look. Coming from below, the light will make the face appear rather cadaverous because the eye sockets are in shadow. We’ll see what this photographer does.

In anticipation of the Gazette article, I’ve begun tweaking my Web site. I updated the front page yesterday. I have to change the biography page to remove all references of that crappy university where I used to work. The gallery page will be updated, too. Streamlined, I think. It’s too big and takes forever to load. Not to mention it’s pretty boring.

I got some news I didn’t much care for yesterday. It isn’t finalized, so I won’t discuss it in any detail here. Suffice it to say that writing a book is the easy part. The hard part comes when you begin sending it out … or finding someone else to send it out for you.

Still no word from Scrybe Press on when Shara will finally be published. Looks like it won’t be ready for my Oct. 22 signing or for the Red Dirt Book Festival the next week.

Oh, Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of my thesis defense. You know, the day my professors proclaimed Amara’s Prayer a fine piece of work and I had high hopes it would soon find a home with a major NYC publisher. Umm-hmm.

Yeah, writing a book is the easy part.

Speaking of which, I did about another 1,000 words on Ulrik last night. Not enough to bother with the word meter, though.

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  1. If you run into Ben Fenwick while you’re there, say hi for me. He’s a kick butt writer and SF geek. If you don’t already know him, you’ll like him, I think.

      • Too bad. I talked to Ben yesterday, he was a bit miffed that he didn’t get that story – considering he’s involved with genre fiction – but he’s been getting the hard news stories lately, so he can’t complain too much. 😎

        • I was a little surprised Doug got the story, considering he generally only writes movie reviews.
          Yeah, Ben’s staying busy and doing some good work.

          • Actually, Doug’s done some feature stuff before. He had a terrific piece on Oklahoma ghost towns a while back that I’ve still got stashed in the office somewhere.

      • Re: Photo Shoot Today
        I just wish I could have been more serious. Nothing like an attack by King Laugh when you’re supposed to be all scary and such. Honestly, I’m sort of dreading the results for my part. I don’t photograph very well.

  2. Hey! I checked out the Werewolf Saga website… pretty cool, dude. Pretty cool!
    Just talked to my boss. We’re now actively looking for some students to go to Red Dirt. If I have the luck I’ve had recently with trips, I’ll be attending alone. That is, if my wife will let me out of the basement…

    • You have a basement? Damn! My wife just chains me to a tree in the back yard. (Just joking, dear!)
      Thanks for visiting The Werewolf Saga site. I need to do a little sprucing up there, fix some typos and such. I hope you get some kids to come to Red Dirt. I think it’d be a really good experience for them.

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