Phone Call to the Hunt

I was gonna mention this in the earlier entry, but it didn’t seem to fit. Traffic was brutal this morning as people poured into town for the memorial, mingling with us regular commuters. I had some Meat Loaf blasting on the car stereo when I felt the cell phone vibrating in my shirt pocket. I was surprised to see a NYC area code on the ID. It was none other than Nathan Barker of Scrybe Press, calling to update me on Call to the Hunt. He said I should have 20 copies of the book in my hairy hands on Tuesday. My actual contributor copies will come a bit later, by regular (less expensive) mail routes. Nathan went on and on about how good the book looks. I’m really excited about it. He also told me the cover price is going to be $10.

After some of the stuff I’ve dealt with, having a publisher who will actually call me up to tell me what’s going on, who’ll ship copies to me second-day air so I’ll have them for a con next weekend, etc. is really nice. It’s great working with Nathan and Scrybe Press.

How about that new pope? Odd choice, I thought. I don’t have a problem with his conservatism, but some of his statements about other faiths and denominations don’t bode well. I don’t see him having as much of a worldwide impact as John Paul II because of that attitude. And then there’s the whole Hitler Youth and Nazi stuff. Hmm.

I finally wrote that commencement speech for our board of trustees today. Yes, after weeks of putting it off, dreading it, not knowing what to say, I looked up some famous commencement speeches, found a quote from, of all people, Mario Cuomo, and the muse opened her bowels and shat upon me. I wrote the speech in about 45 minutes and the department VP said it was “very moving.” I’ve sent it to the chairman now and am waiting to see what he has to say about it.

It is freakin’ hot in my office. And not just because the intern is here, either.

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