OWFI quickie

Wow. What an incredible weekend it’s been. The conference is over and
I’m exhausted. Don’t know if I’ll have any time tomorrow to update, so
I wanted to jot a few notes now.

When you’re a speaker at the OWFI
conference, you’re treated like royalty. It was fantastic. I’m still
surprised people turned out for my two sessions. I mean, I had 30-50
people in each session. My first thought was, “Crap. Of the four
speakers this hour these people chose me and I’m really a nobody.” But
then they’d stop me in the hallways later on and tell me how much they
enjoyed my lectures. I just wanted to say, “Really? You mean I actually
said something useful?”

Sold some books. I’m really not sure how many yet. I’ll figure all that
up tomorrow. Sold more than I expected. I was shocked to see that the
vendor had ordered copies of Shara.
I called that independent bookstore when the book was first released
and they told me they wouldn’t host a signing for a print-on-deman
title. Sadly, several people bought the book from the bookroom, so
that’s money I’ll never see. Not surprisingly, Call to the Hunt was the bestseller at my table, although with the bookroom sales I think I signed more copies of Shara.

At the awards banquet I continued my steak of winning just enough to
recoup my contest entry fee. “The God of Discord” took third place in
the Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror Short Story category. I was disappointed
nothing else I entered placed. I had an inspirational essay I thought
was pretty good. Oh well.

Met lots and lots of nice people and saw many old friends again, people
I only see maybe once a year. There were some funny moments; Gayleen
knows the funniest one.

Must sleep now.

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  1. (Now that all the contest/conference stuff is over, I feel like I can post a comment. *s*)
    It’s hard sort of knowing (or at least knowing of) people who are winning, however indirectly it may be, and not being able to say anything. So, congrats on the 3rd place. And hopefully I didn’t butcher your name too badly.
    (former OWFI 1st VP)

    • Hi Jen! Butchering my name? Ha! Your little stumble was nothing compared to what I’ve heard people do to it. I certainly didn’t envy you some of the names you got to read.
      Thanks for the congrats. I’m kinda surprised at the response that story’s had. After the honorable mention last year I didn’t do much with it until I read it at the Panda*Monium con in November. People really liked it, so I cleaned it up a bit, sent it to a pretty exclusive market, re-entered it in the OWFI contest … and it got accepted to be in an anthology with the likes of Ramsey Campbell and Bentley Little and now won a cash prize at OWFI. And my wife hates that story because it’s so bleak. Ya just never know.
      All you OWFI officers did a fantastic job on the conference, by the way. I’ve never had more fun at a conference than I did at this one.

  2. Sorry I missed it
    OWFI just fell at the worst time for me this year. 🙂 I really wanted to be able to go because of the speakers was my eighth grade English and reading teacher and it would have been fun to say hi to her. But what I *really* wanted to do was sit in on one of your sessions and heckle.

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