When I first began my stint as a grad student at the University of Oklahoma, the mighty Sooners went undefeated in football, went to the Orange Bowl and brought home their seventh national championship a few months later. This month I get my degree from OU. Shortly thereafter the football team — which whooped Colorado to take the Big 12 title on Saturday — will go to the Orange Bowl … and I predict they’ll come home with another trophy. Did you see the USC game and the OU game? The Sooners should crush those Californians. I mean, if UCLA could play them that close …

Once upon a time I covered high school football for a couple of little weekly papers. I saw Jason White play a couple of times when he was in high school. I knew he was good. I kick myself now for not hunting him down after he and his Tuttle Tigers destroyed Deer Creek or Piedmont and getting his autograph. Would have seemed silly asking a high school kid to sign something. But damn! He may be only the second man to win two Heisman Trophies.

Oh, and he about ran me down in the end zone once. That was at the Deer Creek game. Yeah, maybe that’ll be my claim to fame. Freelance reporter/photographer for the Tuttle Times nearly run over as the Tigers’ QB rushed for a long touchdown.

The Sooners’ win was dampened a little by my Minnesota Vikes choking on Bear meat yesterday. I love the Vikes, but sometimes they are damned embarrassing. How do you lose to the Bears?

All right. Gotta go deliver some PSAs for work.

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