Oliver Magnum, and stuff

As the phone rings incessantly and the door fans open and closed with the coming and going of my kids and most of the neighborhood kids, I sit here wishing I could think but instead doing random Google searches. Look what I found. Man, that takes me back. Two of the guys from Oliver Magnum, guitarist Monte Humphrey and bassist Dan Kurtz, graduated from high school with me. Kim and I used to go to all their shows in Enid. Somwhere we still have a ton of fliers they’d post and we have a very well-worn T-shirt with the band name on it. Good times! I wish I could find their few releases on CD. I hardly listen to the old cassettes any more for fear of wearing them out or something bad like that. We saw Dan at my high school reunion last year. He now plays stand-up bass for one of the Catholic churches in Enid. We talked a little about him playing some spooky music on the bass while I read some of my stories. I should get in touch with him about that. I think it’d be really cool.

Today I wrote the first draft of several of the articles I need to turn in Monday for the big contract job with Write Communications. Frankly, I’m shocked I got as much done as I did considering the swarm of underage persons I’ve had to deal with all day.

Kim and I watched The Devil’s Rejects last night. I’m still digesting it. As others have said, it’s a million times better than House of 1000 Corpses … but was it a good movie? It wasn’t a bad movie. It was raw and brutal and certainly kept my attention. I was a little disturbed by Rob Zombie’s attempt to make the group of killers sympathetic characters. Just not sure how I felt about that. My favorite thing was just seeing so many people I’ve met in one film. I didn’t even realize Ken Foree and Michael Berryman were in this flick. So, I’d certainly watch it again, but I’m not yet convinced I’ll buy a copy. (And now Rob Zombie may tell people to boycott me; I could use that kind of publicity!)

The signature sheets for the Corpse Blossoms anthology arrived in the mail today. I see much signing of my name happening during the rest of this weekend.

I updated the Links page on my Web site. If you’re not included and you wanna be, lemme know.

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