OK Centennial Book Fest, the day after

I spent yesterday at the Oklahoma Centennial Book Festival. How’d it go? Well, I spent most of the day sitting at the table I shared with Craig Wolf and Brad Sinor,
watching people walk by, smiling at first, then the smiles would fall
away when they saw the two skulls and Little Red Riding Hood with her
wolf I had on the table. Horror writers ranked somewhere below
malevolent lepers in the eyes of most visitors there, I guess.
Whatever. There were some good points.

First was the TV interview for the Read About It program. I think that went well. Doug Bentin had certainly read both Murdered by Human Wolves and Call to the Hunt and
was able to quiz me pretty hard on both books. Hopefully I didn’t come
off as nervous as I appeared the last time I was on the show.

Second was seeing Jim Davis
for the first time since my thesis defense. Great guy. And he gave me
some very useful information in response to an e-mail I sent him a
while back about my desire to teach.

Then there was meeting the manager of the new Books-A-Million
store that opened recently in Oklahoma City. I have a new favorite
bookstore chain now. I haven’t even been to their store, but based on
the meeting yesterday I can tell you right now BAM kicks the asses of
Borders and B&N when it comes to working with authors. Craig and I
set up a BAM signing for late October.

Book sales? I sold a couple copies of MbHW. That was it. I traded Craig a copy of CttH for a copy of his new novel, Trespass.
I have to admit I’m a bit wary of his new book, based on what he said
about it. There’s a brutal child-rape scene. There was a
father/daughter rape scene in Michael Marano’s beautiful Dawn Song that was about too much for me. I guess having kids has made me soft. Of course I intend to read Craig’s book, anyway.

In other news, I’ve been approached about collaborating on a project
I’m tentatively pretty excited about. I don’t know much about it yet,
other than it involves werewolves, and can’t give any more details at
this point. If it happens, though, I think it’ll be a good thing. The
other party would bring a great deal of industry connections to the

You know the 3F edition of Shara
has been out of print for a while and unavailable at Amazon.com for a
few weeks, right? Well, a week or so ago somebody listed a like-new
copy used on Amazon for $31.82.
That’s unreal. Since I had copies on-hand, I figured out what Amazon
would take from a sale and posted a listing for a new, signed copy at
$17 and it sold in just a couple of days. To somebody I don’t know,
even. Since I still have some copies, and the hope is the new edition
will be out before Conestoga
in mid-July, I listed another copy last night. Yeah, I know, it’s no
big thing, but it was my first online sale and it shows there’s still
at least some interest in my little book.

Time to go deal with kids, then get outside and work on the roof of
that shed some more. If I can get the big kids to help with the little
kids, I could actually finish the accursed thing today.

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  1. Little Red Riding Hood – I love it!
    Oohh, you’ve been approached about a new project? Good. Great!
    I love secrets…
    *still singing* You’re everything a big bad wolf could want…
    Ha, ha.

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