Observations on Ulrik

It’s still relatively early in the day, but I’ve knocked off about 1,800 more words for Ulrik. I’m on page 182, and something has come to me. So far there has not been any killing shown in the book (some happened off-stage). And, maybe even more surprising, there hasn’t been any sex, either.

The three or four of you who read the original edition of Shara are probably shocked by that, considering the number of very graphic sex and death scenes in that book. I have to admit, I’m a bit puzzled myself. I didn’t plan it this way. Oh, I knew there would be less sex, but I guess I thought there would be more violence. Instead, it seems I’m creating some kind of hybrid family saga/political thriller with some folks who happen to turn into wolves every once in a while.

Lack of sex and violence aside, I do feel like this is my best constructed novel to date — the one most likely to keep the reader turning pages.

It’s amazing what a deadline can do for a writer. When meetings with my critique group became few and far between after I lost my job, progress on Ulrik slowed … or stalled. When I knew I’d be meeting with them last week, I got busy and knocked out several thousand more words. Now, knowing I’ll see them again on Friday, it looks like I’ll have a nice stack of pages to turn over to them.

And now I should return to those pages.

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  1. No sex? No violence?
    Aw c’mon, man!
    I enjoyed SHARA a lot, and I’m happy to hear you think this one is even better. Keep up the good work Steve!

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