Not such a good day

Sara’s dog, which was finally named Daisy, took sick on Monday. We took her to the vet yesterday and today learned that she has parvo (she has her first vaccination for it, but apparently that doesn’t protect them much). In the past we’ve had one puppy survive this disease with expensive treatment and another that died while we were away for a weekend without realizing how sick he was. This couldn’t have come at a worse time, really, but we elected to have the treatment in hopes the little girl will pull through.

There was a chance we’d found a babysitter to watch the little kids while Kim and I are at work, but that isn’t looking so good now. I took the little ones to visit a daycare center yesterday and they seemed to like it. We’ll probably have to go that route, but the cost is ungodly. We’ll have to pay for the full day when all we really need is the afternoon.

I got a form rejection letter today on a romance novel submitted under a pseudonym back in November. That was a little disappointing, but it’s only the second rejection on this manuscript.

And I just fired my agent. This was pretty much a foregone conclusion since he hasn’t submitted any of my three manuscripts in over nine months. He just doesn’t seem to have the connections or aggressive attitude I need in an agent. Interestingly, as I write this, I got a response from him. I’d asked for the names of the publishing houses and editors he’d sent my book to. He told me on Oct. 11, 2005, that he’d sent it to 11 publishers and been rejected by 10. Today he listed five publishing houses he’s sent the book/queries to. The list does not include a major publisher I learned was looking for supernatural fiction and badgered him about until he agreed to send my book to them last May. I figured as much, though.

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