Norman Galaxy of Writers

Went down to Norman today and talked to the Norman Galaxy of Writers. It was a fun group. I gave my “Dead Babies Count” speech. This was the first time I’d given outside a classroom setting. Without the in-class writing assignments it came up a bit short on time, but I filled in by talking about “Murdered by Human Wolves.” The talk went very well and people asked good questions.

I found out I’ll be giving two talks at the OWFI conference. I’ll do “Dead Babies Count” again and, probably, “Newspapers to Novels,” thought I may draw on my old Byline article about crossing genres, instead. Any thoughts?

Yesterday I bought a new domain name at There’s nothing there yet, but I’m building a site dedicated completely to my werewolf fiction, including a history of the Pack you won’t find anywhere else.

I found the picture, frame and shelf and got that step done in my daughters’ room. I bought a better poster frame than I intended because Hobby Lobby had them 40 percent off. All that’s left is buying and hanging some curtains. I let Amanda choose the picture. Well, I narrowed it down to a tropic beach at sunset and a mountain and lake view. She chose the mountain and lake.

Because Hobby Lobby had frames marked down again, I looked for a frame for my 1950s re-release movie poster of Lon Chaney as “The Wolf-Man” but couldn’t find one. It’s an odd size poster, 26″ x 38.5″ I think it is.

I told the editor at OKC Business I can’t keep doing three stories per issue because of all the work stuff I’m having to do. Well, I told her I couldn’t do any more, but she talked me into doing one easy story per issue. Probably a good idea. You never know when I’ll have to produce some recent clips for a job interview.

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