No points for being right

Went to the doc today. Saw a nurse instead. I was right … I have strep throat. Damn, swabbing for a throat culture is p-a-i-n-f-u-l. He gave me a rather weak antibiotic that hasn’t done much for me in the past and recommended I take Sudaphed for the congestion. The Nyquil hasn’t done anything for me. I haven’t been able to sleep more than a couple of hours at a stretch for the past three nights. I napped a bit this afternoon and didn’t choke on snot, so that’s a plus.

Didn’t help last night that Sara got sick. She started vomiting and that went on all night. After each episode she’d come in to tell us about it. The first time, I was so out of it that when she said she’d gotten it all over the toilet I asked her to clean it up. And she did. She’s a heck of a good kid and I felt really bad about saying that when I was conscious enough to realize it.

I guess that’s it for now. My mind is still kind of drifting around, so concentrating is difficult.

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