No cake

This is an attempt to shame my wife — or oldest daughter — into baking me a cake. For the first time in 40 years, I didn’t have a birthday cake. Boohoo!

So, what kind of luck do I have? Lemme tell ya. Yesterday I set out to relieve some tension by going to H&H Gun Range to fire my pistols. (That is not a euphemism!) I’ve never been there before, so I check their Web site for when they’re open, the rules, etc. (Remember, I grew up in Enid; when I wanted to fire a gun, I just drove outside the city limits and set up some cans. That’s not such a good idea here.) Anyhoo, so I get to the gun range only to learn they’re about to close it for a class. It’ll be closed for at least two hours. So I left and went shopping with two pistols and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in the trunk of my car. I think there’s a law against having guns and ammo together in a vehicle, even in Oklahoma, but … whatever.

Shopping. I bought my birthday gifts. The deluxe edition of Romero’s Day of the Dead on DVD, along with Dominion, The Prequel to The Exorcist, and a Styx CD with all four of their Wooden Nickel releases on it. I was going to buy a printer/scanner/copier, too, then pulled back. Too much money right now. I’d rather just fix the scanner I have, but that’d probably cost just as much. Then Kim and I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Apparently it was prom night all over town; we had to wait most of an hour to be seated, then spent an outrageous amount on T-bone steaks and Texas tea drinks in glass boots.

We watched Dominion last night. What did I think? Hmm. I had high hopes for it, and it didn’t really live up to that. The CGI hyenas were incredibly distracting because they were just so bad. The movie didn’t have near the depth of The Exorcist, and that was pretty disappointing, but I’ll wait to make a final judgment until I can watch it again.

Oh, and I picked up a copy of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code because Wal-Mart had the paperback for cheap. The first two chapters were actually riveting. The second two or three chapters dragged like a fat woman’s ass, though. Maybe he’ll get past describing every detail of every object and flashing back to the past pretty soon and get on with the story.

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  1. I absolutely HATE it when I go to shoot and the range is shut down due to a class. It’s always a hassle/build-up regularily and when this happens the rest of the day just isn’t as “explosive”.

  2. happy belated b-day steve. i know how it feels about getting older. i’m still in denial. sorry kim didn’t give you cake, but hopefully she gave you some ass!!ha ha!!

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