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Senility sucks. Not that it was ALL my fault. Seems back in May when Craig and I arranged today’s Books-a-Million signing we agreed on the option where we bring our books and keep all the money from sales. A very cool deal, actually, when you consider that places like Hasting’s insists small press authors bring their own books and the store takes 30 percent of the sales. Well, I don’t have any copies of my books, other than three copies of Murdered by Human Wolves that I have to use as Yahoo Group prizes since Shara hasn’t come out yet.

Why don’t I have any books? Because the messages I’ve left at Scrybe Press saying I need more books have gone unanswered. Granted, I didn’t realize I actually needed them for today, but if I’d had the books I requested a month ago I would have been supplied.

As it was, I gave away some of my free stuff and chatted with Craig and his daughter for a bit. It wasn’t all bad. There wasn’t a lot of business in the store, anyway.

Life in the small press. Remember what I said earlier, kiddos: Writing the book is the easy part.

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  1. Wish I could’ve come by. I remember when you went all the way to Tulsa and there were no books, but it was still fun. But I had to pick up my mom for the football game just after three. If I would’ve known it was actually 2-5 I could’ve come by. Thanks a lot! ; )
    I need to get busy and get something else published so we can do this together again.

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