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I haven’t done my Incriminations newsletter in well over a year. This was a print newsletter aimed at bookstores and libraries that I would do on an as-needed basis. I wrote it in third person and stuck to mostly trade stuff. For the new one, I scrapped a lot of that. There’s still enough information there for bookstores and libraries to order my books, but the new issue is written in first person and, I think, more accessible to the general reader. Here’s a link to the PDF. Let me know what you think.

You can definitely tell the weather is changing in Okieland. Most of the kids have runny noses and the younger ones are coughing. I woke up with a sore throat this morning, too.

Yesterday kinda sucked. There are elementary schools with fewer kids than I had in my yard and house at one point yesterday. And there are dairy farmers with cows smarter than some of the kids who were here, too.

Oh, and the Oklahoma Sooners were blown out by the accursed Texas Longhorns yesterday. Yeah, I knew we’d lose, but damn! I find it incredible that Rhett Bomar was supposedly the most recruited high school quarterback in the country two years ago. Was there just nobody to choose from that year? Why can’t the guy complete more than 12 of 33 passes? Too many of those misses weren’t even close. Granted, he’s a redshirt freshman. Hopefully he’ll mature into his role, but I tell ya, compared to the last three QBs OU has had, this guy just blows chunks right now.

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  1. Bomar will be okay. He had absolutely no help Saturday. At times the protection was good enough, but with no running threat their corners and safeties were able to blanket our receivers all day long.

    • I hope you’re right, Jason. I know the line isn’t what it was last year and Peterson being out hurt the team, but Bomar just hasn’t looked good as a passer. Maybe Stoops should go back to Switzer-style wishbone with Bomar, Peterson and Jones. hahaha

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