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Today I revised a short story I wrote last year for a particular anthology. It was rejected, which meant it needed heavy revisions since some plot elements were built around the mythology established for the anthology. And, suddenly, after several re-readings, I realized why it was rejected (maybe). A major point of the ending made absolutely no sense in the context of the rules for the story. Duh! Anyway, the story is mostly fixed. I want to tinker with one more thing. This piece is a bit different in that it relies heavily on redneck humor. Not being a humor writer, I’m not sure it works. Anybody out there want to read it and give me your thoughts on it?

Amara’s Prayer was rejected by Bantam Spectra today. Form letter. They don’t look at unsolicited submissions; I should get a reputable literary agent to submit my work to them. Hmm.

Last night I briefly outlined the last 17 chapters of Ulrik. Amazingly, the events play out as they should given the point-of-view structure of the novel. There will be 66 chapters. I even came up with the closing lines for this volume of The Werewolf Saga. Want to know what it is? “The Old Ones are coming. There will be war.”

I got two writing assignments from Edmond Outlook magazine today. Not a lot of money … but they shouldn’t require a lot of work, either.

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  1. Bummer about Bantam. Just how many agents out there are interested in horror? I’ve been doing a little research lately and seems if you don’t write mystery or romance you’re SOL. I’ve lived my whole life in Texas, so I think I qualify for redneck humor. Send it my way and I’ll give it a read.
    shawn [at]

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