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Have I mentioned lately that Nathan, publisher and owner of Scrybe Press, is da man? First, he went and updated several pieces of software so he could extract Shara from the PDF file 3F gave me and sent me the text in an MS Word file that is much, much easier to work with, not to mention is the edited text from the published book.

But there’s more. Here are some excerpts of an e-mail I got from him this morning:

I just saw your interview at [] – nice that.  Also, if I didn’t mention it, Call to the Hunt has the inside backcover ad spot (full page) in the next Apex SF magazine – also banner space on Tangent Online.  I’ll also be running a major pop-behind campaign for Call to the Hunt as soon as the website is updated.  Also, during the next website update I will be installing banner exchange software to help boost page-specific traffic at and also changing my blanket Scrybe Horrorfind ads to book specific ones as well.

I’ll ask Kirk to redo the MbHW cover – I’ll swap cover designs to coincide with the release of Shara.

We’ve entered into another distribution deal for Call to the Hunt as well.  It will (very soon) be available through local distributors in 13 countries (or thereabouts) – no international shipping charge for UK or Australian orders.. they’ll be able to order at Amazon.UK, Amazon.DE,, etc. and have the book posted locally – Amazon has already agreed to carry it on all of their international sites and stock it locally worldwide.

Sure, Scrybe Press isn’t Random House, but after the complete lack of promotion I got from that Publisher in America* and then 3F going belly-up right after Shara was released, it is very, very nice to have publisher support. International distribution, a full-page ad, banner ads … it’s all good. Oh, and did I mention that Scrybe actually pays its authors and gives the traditional discount to authors buying their own books for cons and stuff?

The idea of Kirk Alberts ( ) doing a new cover for Murdered by Human Wolves is sweet, indeed. Yes, I do like the GAK cover, and many people have said they do, too. But I love the work Kirk did for CttH and Shara, and they make the stark black-and-white of GAK’s cover look out of synch with the series.

Last bit for today. I told you yesterday that had CttH listed. Well, today they have it discounted by 20 percent, so the price is only $8. Thank you to those who have already bought a copy!


*For those new to this blog, part of my deal to get back the rights to my short story collection Darkscapes was an agreement not to disparage the publisher in any public forum. Scooch the bold text together, though, and you’ll know who it is.

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  1. Wow! What great news to hear. Nathan’s a great guy. Not to mention Kirk Alberts doing a new cover!
    You must be as happy as a pig in…ah, ah, ah.
    Good for you, Steve.

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