My life is flashing before me

This pending birthday thing is getting to me. One week from 40. How did this happen to me?

Little things keep reminding me of the past in ways they don’t usually. I have to get my driver’s license renewed this month, and the memories of getting that first license have been very vivid. I took the driving part of my test during a driver’s ed period on my 16th birthday in 1982. (And yes, I passed on the first try.) That night I drove Kim how from my birthday party in my mom’s green four-door 1978 Ford LTD.

Songs on the radio remind me of specific events. Styx and REO Speedwagon are coming to town in a couple of weeks; Styx was the first concert I saw. On a radio call-in show the other day someone mentioned Steve Winwood and that triggered a memory. Tonight I bought “When You See a Chance Take It” from iTunes … that was the first song played at the first dance Kim and I went to. I was in 9th grade.

Yesterday I read some nostalgic article about T.G.& Y. I worked there for 13 months when I was 16-17. My memories are not so pleasant; the boss I had then is still the worst boss I’ve ever had.

Lots of bits and pieces of my seven years at the machine shop in Enid, then the three years at various shops in OKC. The smell of burning metal, oily mists, heat, cold, Tim Weber dancing beside his machine and stopping everyone to witness to them.

Treehouses built in the field we called Junior Jungle, and the porno magazines we had hidden up there when I was about 13 or 14.

And pictures … like the wedding picture I had enlarged and framed a year or so ago. Shit. What happened to that skinny kid in the tinted glasses and white tuxedo? How did he get so damn old?

Hell, if I make it to 50 I suppose all this will be even worse.

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  1. Well-aged
    That night I drove Kim how from my birthday party in my mom’s green four-door 1978 Ford LTD.
    And how long did we make-out? You may have changed some, but I’d still make out with ya! Maybe we could go parking on your birthday.;)

  2. When you’re 80 you’ll laugh at this. You’re barely half way through this adventure. 😉
    (I took my driver’s test on my 17th B-day. Passed the first time too, the fools.)

  3. I barely passed my driving test on the first try. It was the day after my 16th birthday. The day of my birthday, I got up early and was ready to go take the test. My dad hemhawed around the house all morning and finally we got in the car to go. That’s when my dad noticed the inspection sticker was expired (they’ve since done away with those here, and I wonder if all the broken down cars I see these days are a consequence of that, or if I just didn’t notice them before). They wouldn’t test me in a car past inspection so we went to have it inspected at a garage where one of my dad’s cronies worked. My dad assured me he would usher us through quickly, and the day was growing long. Lo and behold, the muffler needed to be replaced, which took the rest of the day. Huge letdown. I was ready to roll but had to wait an extra day.
    I bought the same WInwood song from iTunes a few months ago.

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