My fifth kid

Yes, there seems to be another kid living here. I’m not sure if its a boy or a girl. I only know its name is Not Me and it does all the bad and stupid stuff around the house. “Who did this?” I’ll ask. “Not me!” four children answer. If I ever find Not Me, I’m going to get Old Testament on him or her.

Speaking of kids, I just put the little ones to bed. As I covered him up, Jake was telling me some story that involved Spongebob and dinosaurs. I can’t believe that little guy will be four years old tomorrow. Birthday checks from relatives have been coming in the past few days. I’m sure we’ll have more Thomas the Tank Engine stuff in the house pretty soon.

I’m curious about how many people will show up for this Kansas conference tomorrow. I suppose at one time I realized it was on Easter weekend, but I forgot about that. A few years ago I was the keynote speaker for a conference held at a lodge in Wagoner, Okla. Only one guest showed up. It was just me, the two organizers, their husbands and one other guy who, it turned out, had paid one of the organizers to publish his book. But, my check cleared and the lodge was on a lake. I’m sure tomorrow won’t be like that, but I’ll always remember that conference.

Here’s wishing ya’ll a happy Easter.

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  1. That fifth kid
    Hey! He/She/It lives at my house part of the time too! If I catch him/she/it, want that I should kick some ass? Mostly he/she/it leaves lots of handprints on the glass coffee table and throws juice box straw wrappers on my floor. Happy Birthday to Jake! Best wishes at your conference!

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