My eyes! My eyes!

I’m paying for something. I think it’s the trip to the medieval faire. It was really windy yesterday. When we left, I was blowing dirt and grass out of my nose for a while. This morning my eyes are swollen and puffy and feel kind of gritty. But maybe that’s because I didn’t go to bed until about 1 a.m., didn’t sleep, then slept through my alarm because I forgot to turn it from music to buzzer. I sleep like a corpse once I’m out and music would have to be really loud to wake me up. In this case it was Midnight Syndicate’s Realm of Shadows CD playing and I’ve been playing that while I go to sleep.

Anyway, my eyes are puffy and bothering me.

If you’re a horror fan and haven’t heard of Midnight Syndicate, rectify that right now by clicking here. Their CDs are dark instrumentals. I listen to them a lot when I’m writing these days. Realm of Shadows is my favorite, then Vampyre. I wish they’d do one on a werewolf theme.

I edited two more chapters of The Prometheus Syndrome last night. The editing goes quickly once I get to sit down and work on it. It’s just finding the time to do that. I’m going to reset my goal: I intend to drop this book in the mail to my agent one week from today. I can do that.

I began revisions on Bold Bounty last Friday and gave the first chapter to my critique group. My goals for the year, remember, were finishing the rewrite of The Prometheus Syndrome, revising Bold Bounty so that it meets the needed word count (add at least 20,000 words) and finish the first draft of Ulrik. This is doable. It will happen.

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