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I took the older kids and a friend to see George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead at the Oklahoma City preview this evening. Incredible movie. I wrote a review that will appear in Friday’s edition of The MidCity Advocate, so I won’t go on and on about it here. But, I’m telling ya, unless you’re too dead to get out of your coffin, you really should shamble to the closest theater and see this film this weekend.

I suck at writing reviews, by the way. This was the first one I’ve written for an actual publication since either “Flubber” or “Mimic,” whichever came out later. It’s especially hard when I like the movie because there’s so much I want to say, but limited space in which to say it.

Here’s a little mini review for you on another zombie movie called King of the Zombies. It was worth the money I paid for it. However, it’s the extra movie on a DVD I got for $1 and I bought it for John Barrymore’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This one had potential, but couldn’t live up to it. Mostly the film is a reminder of the absolutely pathetic parts black actors had to take back in the day. Of our three heroes who crash on an island somewhere around the Bahamas, one is a black servant, and he’s the typical bug-eyed bit of comic relief you people who don’t watch old movies think never really existed. The villain who is making the zombies and trying to steal war plans for Germany tries really, really hard to be Bela Lugosi … and fails. One of the heroes is zombified, then shot several times, but a happy ending was the order of the day, so he comes out of the ordeal okay. Bleh. It wasn’t the worst 67 minutes I’ve ever spent, but it’s not a film worth hunting down, either.

No writing done today. It’s Monday and most job sites were updated today, so I spent most of the day checking those out … and there wasn’t much added where I was looking. So I sent in my application and the first of three fee payments I’ll have to make to see if I can get certified to teach high school English and journalism. I was asked about adjunct teaching at a technical college, but I suspect it’ll be mostly nights and I’m not sure the experience (and money) I’d gain justifies the expense of a babysitter to watch the kids while I’m at work.

There are undoubtedly many typos here. And I’m too tired to care.

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