More sickness

Kim and Jacob both got sick late yesterday. Both were sick most of the night. So I was up taking care of them and stayed home from work today to continue. They’re a bit better, just tired from all the puking. Kim was supposed to go see Billy Idol in concert tonight with her sister. Looks like I’ll be going. I’m not a big fan … but the ticket is paid for.

Lantz forwarded another rejection on Amara’s Prayer last night. It was disappointing. He’s going to try some religious publishers. I’m fine with that, but have my doubts they’ll be interested in a book with adultery, male prostitution, drug use, murder and some, umm, “tweaking” of Old Testament stories. But, we’ll see. I’d rather sell it to a good small horror press than cut those elements out of the story to suit the Christian market.

Lantz also suggested we go ahead and start marketing The Prometheus Syndrome soon since it is a more traditional horror tale. The reasoning being that most publishers will want a multi-book deal with an author they can build on, then we slip Amara’s Prayer back into the mix.

Kim and Jake are asleep. The others are hungry for lunch, so I’ll feed them and get to work on The Prometheus Syndrome edits.

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  1. Dude, add more raw veggies and fruits to your families diet, you guys are getting sick way too much. Sorry to hear about the rejection, but the marketing plan sounds like a good one. Good luck.

    • Raw whatties? Veggies? You mean those plants I use to lure the meat into the slaughterhouse? haha It has been a rough month as far as sickness goes. This flu thing seems to hit one of us, then a few days later somebody else gets it. With six of us in the house, it gets passed around. The inhaler I use for my asthma leaves me vulnerable to strep throat; I usually get a case of it once a year. This year was actually milder than usual.
      Thanks for the luck!

  2. The Da Vinci Code is popping up in some Catholic bookstores and the Church is getting pissy about it.
    Not that I recommend Dan Brown’s book at all, but the source material is great.

    • I haven’t read any of Brown’s books, but one of my thesis committee professors compared Amara’s Prayer to The Da Vinci Code and Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, another one I haven’t read. I think of it as similar to William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist and Anne Rice’s Memnoch the Devil. I suppose I spent too much time on theme and not enough on just trying to scare people. Too many people seem to want the literary equivalent of that Dawn of the Dead remake of immediate and non-stop action with no character development, and that’s not how I write. My characters will always be different at the end of the story than they were at the beginning. Isn’t that the point?

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