More good news

Thanks to my sister-in-law, I’ll probably begin locking every post that isn’t specifically about my writing. The last thing I need on top of all the work shit is pissed-off family members.

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  1. god, that read wrong… should be ‘his posts caused problems with my family’ hehehehehe
    and pegs… my family gave up long, LONG ago worrying about me =) mom stopped calling it a phase [started calling it that at 7] when i was about 23, now she just smiles when it’s a really bad topic and proudly tells [most]people of her creepy daughter’s website [and other things ]

  2. oh on that front mom’s even funnier!! hehehe… says it’s all her fault that i have no god, cuz she sent me to catholic school =)))
    yes, four of us, we have: the creepy one, the bitter one, the brainiac, and then just chris – he’s 17, still developing, not sure what he’ll be yet but i’ve influenced him the best i can =))

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