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Coincidence or fate? The same day I receive the revised contract for Fine Tooth Press to reprint Darkscapes Gayleen from my writing group tells me she saw a couple of copies of the PublishAmerica version marked way down at the Borders store in OKC. So today I took the youngest kids up to Borders and we looked for it. I was about to give up when Amanda started yelling, “Daddy! Look!” And there they were — not a couple of copies, but a couple of stacks. Well, small stacks, and each book shamefully displayed a 75 percent off sticker.

I picked up three of the best looking copies and probably will give them away through a contest on my Web site. Stay tuned for that.

There were maybe six more copies there and I may go back for them later. I was rather disturbed to see one copy I’d personalized for a friend I’d worked with at Borders and who was still there when I did my signing in the store. Apparently after asking me to sign one for her she decided she didn’t want it. Probably the $19.95 cover price was more than she wanted to pay for a 210-page trade paperback.

They also had some Brian A. Hopkins titles there, including the second edition of his The Licking Valley Coon Hunters Club, Cold at Heart and one copy of El Dia De Los Muertos. That last one was #118 of the 500 signed and numbered hardcovers Earthling Publications released. It was regularly 30 bucks, but I got it for just $7.50 in mint condition. Sweet! If you haven’t given Brian’s work a try, you really should. I know Cold at Heart (a very different kind of werewolf novella) is out of print and the publisher has folded, making me wonder if I shouldn’t have grabbed those, too.

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    • I tried, Kirk. But FTP has their own artist(s). I’d love to have seen what you’d do with this collection that covers everything from extreme horror to quiet horror to science fiction to non-supernatural. The publisher thanked me for thinking ahead, but said they’d take care of the art.

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