Mission accomplished

I broke the 85,000 word barrier on BB today. So, naturally I upped my goal to 90,000, which will make the book much more marketable. Keep in mind these numbers are for the novel as it stands, which is basically a completed rough draft that I’m beefing up. That said, there are two chapters left to revise, and I suspect they’ll be heavy revisions. Our heroine will learn that the villain really is a werewolf who likes to get kinky and the Viking hero will emerge to save the day … or not. Hey, I can’t tell you everything.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
85,494 / 90,000

Not much other news to report. Well, it’s related. I’ve been sitting in this chair too damn long. I’m developing aches from sitting here. I got Alex outside tonight to pass the football for a while, but he complained it was too hot and the little kids kept coming out wanting various things that didn’t pertain to the movie they’d beem clamoring for. Who many effing times can they watch Garfield: The Movie?

When I met with my critique group yesterday we talked about what project I should tackle next. The options were Ulrik, which is the sequel to Shara, or The Puppet King, the first book of a sword-and-sorcery series I conceived many years ago. As with Bold Bounty, the first draft came up too short (it’s about 63,000 words). They wanted The Puppet King and I’m leaning toward agreement because of the new Conan movie being made. When Conan the Barbarian came out in the early 1980s I remember seeing a spike in the number of S&S books on the supermarket racks (and a whole lot of bad movies that tried to imitate Conan). Plus, I’ll be working on the Murdered by Human Wolves screenplay at the same time, and that’s probably enough werewolves for the moment.

Now, my question to you is this: Should I use another pseudonymn for my fantasy books? My thoughts are yes because if I’m selling books under my name the publisher(s) probably won’t want more than one or two per year. But I could do horror under my name, romance under one pen name and fantasy under another. Publishing in multiple genres, I think, is the only I could ever make a living with fiction unless Stephen King-type lightning strikes. (Where can I get that kinda lightning rod?) Someday I may even write the Western novel I outlined about 15 years ago.

Time to chase some children toward bed.

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  1. That little word meter is looking good.
    In answer to your question, I would say yes, as I have before. There are so many authors I read who do the same thing, for the same reasons.

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