Miss Sunflower

Forgot to mention … I know share my office at work with a bonafide beauty queen. My work study, Ashlea Brack, won the Miss Sunflower title last weekend. No photo, but here’s a newspaper article. You may remember her from such television shows as “Trading Spaces,” where she was one of the twins in the segment they taped at OCU. She’s a sweet girl and a huge help to me. I hope she wins Miss Kansas and more. Go Ashlea!

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    • Hi Shawn. Yup, the icon is a detail of the new cover for “Call to the Hunt,” my collection of 12 werewolf stories coming from Scrybe late this month or early March. Nathan told me this morning he might still get it out this month, but it would probably be March before it shows up in stores.
      I’m not going to make ConDFW, but I’m slated to be a guest at FenCon and I’m really looking forward to it. Will you be there?

      • Oh yeah, I’m not about to turn down a writing workshop taught by David Gerrold. They haven’t made that official yet, but that’s what I’m guessing. I’m sure a big group from the North Texas Speculative Fiction Writers will go out to dinner either Friday or Saturday night, if you don’t already have plans in place you should join us.

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