Meeting Foghorn Leghorm

Amanda found this picture and left it on my desk at home.

That’s her sitting on my lap in the photo, but of course she has no memory of the day she was touched by my favorite Loony Tunes character. She has no memory of that horrible vacation from 2001. It was awful. I will never, ever willingly go to San Antonio, Texas, again. I’ve never seen so many rude people who wanted my money despite their behavior. Other than the giant chicken pictured here (it was well over 100 degrees F that day — can you imagine being in that suit?) the only really nice people we encountered in Texas was the Middle Eastern family running the last motel we stayed in before boarding an Amtrak train that broke down between San Antonio and Fort Worth.

But bad memories are making me digress. I’m always a little shocked to see old photos of my kids and realize how much they’ve changed. It makes me wonder where the time has gone. Look at Mandy here … a spindly-legged toddler (barely) with almost no hair. She was … maybe 18 months old at the time. Now she’s four and already knows if she offers up her perfect little smile and bats her huge blue eyes at me she’ll get pretty much anything she wants. At the time of this photo, she couldn’t ride anything at the Six Flags Fiesta Texas park. I did get her on the carousel, but only by sitting on one of the benches with her on my lap. They wouldn’t even let me hold her on one of the horses.

I really don’t have any news to report today. Not yet. Rumor has it everyone in the department will get some one-on-one time with the new boss after lunch today, so I may have something after that. Probably an, “I really can’t say how the department will be structured or what your role will be,” kind of news report.

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  1. That sucks that you have such a bad memory of Texans. Generally we’re a very friendly bunch of people. San Antonio is one of my favorite cities on the planet.

    • Maybe I overgeneralized there, John. There are lots of great people in Texas. I have several friends who are Texans. The stars must have been out of kilter the week we were there because I just didn’t run into many of nice folk I know live below the Red River. In fact, it rained more than half the days we were there, which was June or July, and I was told that was pretty unusual, too.
      As to San Antonio … I loved the Alamo and would like to see it again. But without my family. My wife hates museums; she basically wanted to enter and leave. The San Antonio riverwalk had been hyped as a Garden of Eden in Oklahoma City because the city council wanted to create something like it (and are still doing that). I found the Riverwalk to be a string of over-priced shops and eateries along a river that didn’t smell too good. But … I’m a guy and I hate to shop. The rain gave me a nasty cold that week, too, and that didn’t help my mood. Really, the Amtrak people and the rental car company were the worst and probably made the others seem worse than they really were.

  2. What a beautiful baby she was. Those are the kind of cheeks we love to squeeze.
    Hey, that fella holding her ain’t so bad neither.

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