May be offline

But maybe not. I was supposed to make the switch from SBC Yahoo dial-up to SBC Yahoo DSL today. But duh! I don’t have an ethernet card installed on my computer. I’ll have to check into pricing those today, but it would be this weekend, at the earliest, before I actually go out and get one. In the meantime I’m just hoping SBC Yahoo will still let me use my dial-up to connect from home.

Have I mentioned how much I hate SBC Yahoo? I once asked a friend who works there if they deliberately gave people slow connections to force customers to sign up for the more expensive DSL services. Yesterday I had blazing dial-up connections of 33000 and 24000 bps. I got over any nostalgia for the mid-1990s real quick.

While we’re on the subject of connections, it’s come to my attention I’m having some e-mail issues. Again. Some mail I’ve sent from my account has never arrived at its destination. In at least one other case the e-mail arrived about a week after I sent it. If you’ve sent me something I haven’t responded to, there’s a good chance that I did respond and you never got it. If that’s the case, let me know.

I got a call about a job yesterday. But I may have priced myself out of it. How do you respond when somebody asks about salary requirements? I told him what I was making at my last full-time job and said the longer I drew unemployment the more flexible I become on salary. He told me my old salary was at the top of what they’d be able to pay, and may be over their limit. Then he said he had a couple of people he was going to interview, but if they didn’t pan out he’d call me back. Sucks.

I want to remind ya’ll about the Red Dirt Book Festival coming up at the end of the month. I’m on four panels and will be doing book signings after each. The festival is in Shawnee, Okla., about 40 minutes east of OKC. The theme is Mysterious Oklahoma. I know some other Okie horror writers will be there, including four-time Stoker Award-winner Brian A. Hopkins, Brad Sinor, and John Woolley. Some of the other authors coming include Carolyn Hart and William Bernhardt. It’s a free festival, with more panels than you could even hope to attend.

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  1. I’ve always hated the salary question. Just tell me what you’re willing to pay, dammit! If I don’t like it, I can look elsewhere. When I was looking, I was always super-paranoid of this questions. Not to mention, I always had the urge to answer in my best Dr. Evil voice: One million dollars! Good luck with the job prospect though, Steve. It doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t call, they just want to interview all possible candidates.
    And you have email problems? Does that mean you haven’t been receiving all that midget porn I’ve been sending you?

    • That’s one million dollars per hour, right? And American dollars, too. Yeah, he might call back. But with the job market so damn tight here right now I have my doubts.
      Shhh. Yeah, I’ve gotten the midget porn. I show it to my wife and nod and say, “See, I told you I ain’t so bad off.” 😉

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