Late Friday

Another week in the can. Today wasn’t so bad. Wouldn’t have been bad at
all, but I had those freelance articles to work on. I got two of my
three assignments done. On the third, the people would’t return my
calls, so I couldn’t write it. Whatever. I think one of the two I did
was pretty good.

I’d post more about my freelance articles — what I’m writing — but
since OKC Business is bi-weekly, giving away what I’m working on would
give the dailies a chance to scoop me. Not that I cover hard news, but
still …

The work situation is still weird. Our department secretary brings me
budgetary things to approve and treats me like I’m running the
department now. The VP said he’ll make a decision on Feb. 1 as to what
he’s going to do about my boss’s continued hospitalization. Robert (my
boss) meanwhile, is doing better. He’s still very, very weak, but he’s
lucid for the first time in over a month. If the VP decides to fill
Robert’s position and does what is traditionally done — move the
person in my job to that job — I’ll do it. Until then, I’m okay with
approving layouts, proofreading ads and making design suggestions, but
I don’t want to spend the budget, then have to explain to Robert where
the money went when/if he comes back.

The other day I created a LiveJournal for an OCU professor as part of a
publicity campaign for him. I helped set up a book signing for him (and
other campus authors, including me) back in December. Robin Meyers also
is the minister of Mayflower Congregational Church. He’s very liberal
and I seldom agree with his opinions, but at least they are his
opinions and he can defend them. An anti-war speech he gave back in
November is making the rounds of cyberspace and is now posted in his
blog. You can visit it here:

That’s all for tonight. I’ve just about had to staple my eyelids to my forehead to stay awake long enough to type this.

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    • So, of course, the question is, What was she saying in her sleep? Did she mention me? hehe
      I leave my wife in bed every morning when I go to work. If the 2-year-old boy wakes up before I leave, I take care of him. You know, give him food, turn on the electronic babysitter, whatever. Kim worked this morning. Jacob was crying when her alarm went off, so she got him and put him in bed with me. So, I went to sleep about 1 a.m. Was awakened at 7 a.m.
      I feel your pain, zombie brother.

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