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Work was hell again today. Coming home wasn’t much better. For three hours after getting here I did almost nothing but deal in feeding kids because the little ones wouldn’t eat their dinner, but started nagging about food pretty much as soon as I cleared the table.

Then I sat them down in front of “A Bug’s Life” and began working on the Web site page updates I’ve tinkered with for a few weeks. This frustration started last night. I couldn’t log into my FTP site. I tested it at work today and got right in. Tried again tonight (from home) and couldn’t do it. Shit. So, okay, until I can figure out what the problem is, I’ll just copy the pages and graphics to a floppy disk and upload them at work. Nuh-uh. My floppy drive keeps telling me there’s no disk loaded. I try another disk. Same thing. Another disk. Same thing. I treat the drive to some colorful expletives, but it only tells me the same lie.

I could burn the stuff to a CD and take it to work, but at this point I’m just too pissed. No FTP and no floppy drive and I have no idea what’s wrong with either one of them. I know the floppy drive worked about a week ago. I also know I had to unplug my computer a few days ago to wipe out something the older kids had done while playing on it (the oldest took out a CD without closing the program running from the disc).

Oh, and the wife is complaining because it seems the junior high school is ripping us off on my son’s lunch money. We pay into an account, he enteres the number when he goes through the lunch line. For the second month in a row they are saying he’s used all his money and is in the hole when we have paid for more lunches than he could have eaten. Alex is a thrifty kid and an honest kid. If he was buying lunch for friends or whatever else he could possibly do with that account, he’d tell us. I wonder if other kids are having the same problem and if somebody at the school is skimming or just incompetent. My guess is incompetent.

Ugh. Tomorrow has to be better.

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