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I’ve been pretty down the past couple of days. Yeah, it’s the job situation. Still. But there is some positive news (that has nothing to do with my car insurance, which is not Geico). I learned I’m in the top 10 for a state public information officer job I tested for a few weeks ago. They sent a more detailed job description and now I’m not so sure I’m qualified. They seem to want more Web design experience than I have and lots of page layout experience, which I haven’t done in years (other than on MS Publisher, which almost no one counts).

However, I was offered the part-time job I applied for the other day. I actually turned it down, explained my reasons (childcare would eat up my profit) and offered an alternative plan that would have me doing some of the work from home … and the president/ceo is agreeable. I’ll give some more details when all is finalized.

Naturally, taking this part-time job to get me through until I’m licensed to teach will undoubtedly trigger an offer for a full-time job with great pay and benefits. That’s how my life works.

I got a paycheck from the newspaper I freelance for today. I was not happy. I was expecting a much larger check. The editor explained that she had to cut my two stories a little. But judging by the check, she cut both stories in half. Granted, one was a little over the assigned word count, but the other was under. Those stories were quite a bit of work for no more than this check is.

Writing news. I read and edited When Heroes Fail this evening. This is a little novelette of scenes deleted from Shara. If all goes well, I’ll be adding it to a CD ROM sampler to pass out at Horrorfind. The real trick will be seeing if I can successfully record my Okie self reading “Elysia” and transfer that to the CD, then put some excerpts and maybe a full short story on as PDFs, with book cover images. It won’t be a Lone Wolf Publishing release, but hopefully it’ll be interesting.

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