July 1

Look at that calendar. It’s July 1. That means I’m on my last month of severance from Oklahoma Shitty University.

Can’t really talk about today’s job interview yet. Other than to say I was more right that I expected in yesterday’s assessment.

A branch of of a certain online university finalized the date and time to interview me as a possible adjunct instructor today. The interview is next Thursday.

I’ve been working the hell out of the Murdered by Human Wolves script today. I added over 15 minutes to what I had, so it’s about 40 minutes yet. There are a few things I’m still not sure I’m doing right. I need to find someone who’s actually done this to look at what I have and point out the style errors. No word meter yet. I’m hoping to get a bit more done later this evening.

We had thunderstorms early this morning. Naturally, I was sleeping through them. Kim didn’t. She woke up and began pounding on me until I was able to mumble something at her, then asked if the car windows were up. Huh? You’re awake, my alarm’s going off in two hours, why can’t you go roll up the windows? It’s a useless question, so I didn’t ask it. Until much later. It took me an hour to get back to sleep. I’m a wee bit tired now.

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  1. Hey, Steve…pssst…I wouldn’t make this offer to just anyone, but if you need help with the Murdered by Human Wolves screenplay I’d be happy to offer assistance. Drop me an e-mail.

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