Judas is Rising … and so is Prometheus

I bought the new Judas Priest CD yesterday, Angel of Retribution. Ahhh. It’s good to have Rob back in the band. Ripper Owens did a good job and is a good singer, but Rob is, was and forever shall be the voice of the Priest. I really like the new CD. Some of the lyrics are rather iffy, especially if you just read them without the music, but overall it’s a really, really good CD, with the best song being “Judas is Rising.”

I also finally got around to buying Triumph’s Classics. I know Triumph went a little too far toward the pop-metal side there at the end, but this was a great band for quite a while. I still want to update the backlist to CD, as most of the cassettes gave up fighting the good fight a long time ago. Favorite song is “Spellbound.”

And finally, today I finished the rewrite of The Prometheus Syndrome. The last couple of chapters were brutal. I think I rewrote every paragraph. This draft came in at 101,000 words. Now I’ll begin working on the suggestions from my critique group which, for the most part, aren’t drastic, though I will have to add to and rearrange the first 15 pages, I think.

Nyquil is kicking in and the fever must have broken, as I’m beginning to sweat in the extra clothes I put on when I was chilled. I think I’ll go pass out for the night. Hopefully for the whole night. When I get sick I tend to have really strange dreams that wake me up and that’s certainly been the case the past couple of nights.

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  1. I was never into the “Ripper” Owens Judas Priest. Rob has always been the driving force, IMHO. I saw him a few years ago at the Medina Ballroom. Great show!
    And, of course, Triumph! My favorite Triumph album is still “Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine”. 😉

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