Job interview

The job interview went well, I think. You just never know what to expect when you go into one of those. They asked what I’d do to make the paper better, and seemed impressed with at least some of my answers. Money wasn’t discussed. I maybe told too many stories on past employers, but that’s because the interviewers were fun to talk to and they knew the reputations of the papers where I’ve worked before. They laughed at my old philosophy: Prostitution starts with PR.

I don’t know if they’ll offer me the job. Don’t know if I’ll accept it if they do.

Otherwise, it was a busy day at the job I already have. The governor and mayor are coming to campus next week for a big announcement we’ll have, so I have to help coordinate that and provide suggestions of what they might want to say.

Did I mention that prostitution starts with PR?

Got a note from my agent today. A major house rejected the new book. It was an encouraging rejection, came very quickly, and from a house that wouldn’t even have looked at the book if I’d subbed it.

The hour grows late. Nighty-night.

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  1. Good luck on whatever you decide 🙂 At least you went and tried. Also…very reassuring indeed from the publishing house…a nice rejection can be a very good thing!

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