Job interview

I think this morning’s interview went very well. I’m hopeful, anyway. I’ll have to go through another round of interviews next week, if the corporate office agrees that a PR/communications person is needed. Getting media attention for the place would be like shooting fish in a barrel. They have a lot going on that the local papers will jump all over once it’s announced.

I can’t get my results for the teaching certification tests until after 5 p.m. today. That bites.

I’ve been fighting a cold and was really down yesterday, so I didn’t get any writing done. I tried to work on the laptop in bed, but for whatever reason the file was peppered with long strings of odd characters on the floppy disk I used to transfer from the desktop. I’ve discovered a big timeline problem in Ulrik that needs to be fixed before I go on. Shouldn’t be too hard to fix, though.

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