Jingle Hell’s Bells

The Solstice came. Winter is officially here. I feel almost like I’ve gone into hibernation. Or … maybe it would be more accurate to say I wish I could hibernate. I could use a long, cold winter of sleep.

But that’s neither here nor there.

Not much has happened the past few days. Hence, no posts. I did get my official letter saying I can go before the alternative teacher review panel at 3:30 p.m. Jan. 5, 2006. The next testing date, at which I could try to get certification areas added to my teaching license (or certificate, at first) is in mid-February. The deadline to pay for said test without a $25 late fee tacked on is Dec. 30.

No job prospects. Nothing. Not surprising at this time of year, but still very disheartening. Two college degrees, multiple writing awards and a proven track record in journalism, corporate writing and public relations … and I can’t get a real job.

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  1. 2006 Wish For You
    In my personal opinion – Real Jobs suck. Unfortunately, they also tend to be a very NECESSARY evil. To this end, I wish you good and FAST luck with the Real Job hunt. I do understand how disheartening the search can be.
    Though, I’m starting to ponder – why do so many writers end up in education or even vice versa – why do so many educators end up as writers.
    I thought I was being somewhat unique going into subsitute teaching while being a writer. Now, I trip over writer/educators everywhere I turn.
    Hmmm…. Merry Christmas Eve.

    • Re: 2006 Wish For You
      Writers are lazy and want summers and holidays off, of course!
      Oh wait. I can’t say that in front of the review committee. 😉 Maybe it’s because authors feel some sort of social committment to making the world a better place and seeing a child learn something is a more immediate form of gratification than the long waits associated with writing.
      But the summers off thing doesn’t hurt.

      • Re: 2006 Wish For You
        Oh, yeah, definitely throw in something about giving back to the community. But the time off… yeah, that’s the real reason…

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