It’s raining, it’s pouring

I wish my ass was in bed a-snoring.

Actually, the rain has let up. We were getting hammered a little bit ago, however. A real gully-washer.

I’m having a problem with the warmer weather. All my kids want to go outside in the evening. That should be a good thing. But there are four of them, ages 13, 10, 4 and almost 3. Sara, the 10-year-old daughter, typically ends up watching the younger two because Alex is … well … not inclined to leave his PS2 and when I make him watch one of the younger ones, it always ends up with somebody crying. So, I get home from work and naturally they’re hungry (the girls are eating machines), so I have to start dinner. They want to go outside. Sara wants to go next door and jump on the neighors’ trampoline; Amanda wants to go, too, and is able to play on the thing now. Jake wants to go, though, and he can’t play on it. Sara can’t play on a trampoline and watch Jacob. So I make Alex play with Jacob while I try to cook. Yesterday that ended with Jacob screaming at Alex by the front door because Alex didn’t want to go outside and was blocking Jacob from going out. I went to break it up in time to see Jacob pound Alex in the groin area, then go in to bite him on the thigh. Did I mention my baby boy has an incredible temper and a violent streak to go with his cherub face?

Normally, I could sit at my desk in front of a big window and watch the kids play in the front yard. Not now. The bicycles are oiled, aired and in use. Amanda wants help riding hers. Sara can’t ride hers and help Amanda. Jacob wants to ride, too, and will stand at the curb to watch and wait. We have some real assholes in the neighborhood who’ll see how fast they can drive from one cross street to the next sometimes, plus there are a lot of cars parked in the street, so visibility isn’t great. So instead of working, I’m outside supervising.

Later, it’s homework and baths, more food because the girls are eating machines and Jacob usually doesn’t eat his dinner, anyway. Then brush their teeth, which Jacob doesn’t like, and chase them into bed. The Kim comes home, I sit and listen to her work stories … and usually am too damn tired to think by the time she winds down, so it’s a final check of e-mail, then off to bed to read for a half-hour or until I nod off and drop the book. Then the alarm goes off and I do it all again.

Once upon a time I had a job where I made enough money to support the family without Kim working. I went to work, came home, played with the kids, ate dinner and got to go to a room of my own and work on fiction. A pox upon Archie Dunham’s creed for selling Conoco to Phillips Petroleum, ending my ride on the gravy train. I was making $20k per year more back then, and living in a city with a lower cost of living.

I’m rambling and have at least three press releases to send out today, plus other matters to tend to.

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  1. These days I get most of my writing done at work, during two fifteen minute break periods and on my lunch hour.
    In the evenings, by the time I’m through watching movies and reading, I’m ready for bed. I used to sleep in on Saturdays so I could stay up all night and write. Wrote Dust & Bones that way. But I can’t do that anymore; I gave up caffiene last summer.
    Right now I feel lucky I’m not married with children because I have time to write. I don’t know how you do it. If I never get married I’ll probably regret it when I’m older, though.

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